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don't throw people in cakes! <3
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Hey there! Welcome to this crazy place called: my profile! 8D
I'm a weird bunny loving artist from the Netherlands who draws in Sonic/Mobian style for over 3 years now. I'm also a cosplayer and anime fan ;) You can always talk to me as i think its fun to meet new people! ^w^

if you got an Instagram Account you can also keep track of art there. Some art shall never be posted hereeeee~ *wink wonk*

My sonic art account

More art accounts 8D

I also have a youtube channel with some speedpaints and random nightcores
You're always welcome to take a look at them! :heart:

Don't be scared to click that follow or subscribe button they won't hurt you! <3
i'd love to see you there as well
By the Bench (:iconibenchu: )


                                   Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1]         10 facts about me!         Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1]  

  salmon heart bullet   My Name is Pascalle, i am currently 15 years old turning 16 on the 9th of
        March >w<

  salmon heart bullet   I will finish Secondary school this year.

  salmon heart bullet   I am very shyyyy and just barely dare to get out of my shell  >~<

  salmon heart bullet   I feel unconfident in large groups and just don't know how to act then.

  salmon heart bullet   My life is currently reallyy weird and stressful XD

  salmon heart bullet   I wanna make more friends but im an awkward potato and don't dare do
        approach anyone
i don't even dare to talk to the amazing peeps i met at conventions cuz of thattt
  salmon heart bullet   I can be really silly and all if you really know me X,3

  salmon heart bullet   Yogi from Karneval is my biggest love like omfg i love that bae sm //diessqueeing
  salmon heart bullet   I live in the Netherlandsss yup yup

  salmon heart bullet   I'm a smoll chibi

                                 Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1]    Questions asked to meh~     Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] 

♡ - if you could say anything to anyone right now wherever they are, what would you say and to who? <3
Don't ever give up on your dreams no matter what because you can and will make them come true Tiny Pink Heart Pixel 
To everyoneee who has a dream of achieving something

♡ -  what program/tools do you use to draw?
I use Scketchbook pro on my ipad and have the free trial thing on my computer but i can't draw that great with my bamboo yet X,D

♡ -  r u a virgin? eUe if that's too personal, dating or crushing on anyone atm? 
I AM- O^O and i hope to not crush cuz alsdkfj i dun wannaaaaaa >////< fufufufu-

♡ - gonna be completely original and ask; what's your favorite food?
i never seem to rlly know how to answer that question XD ehmm what do i like most to eat...uhmm i think i will just go for Pizza and bread with sumfin nice like idk peanut butter or sumfin because that's always yum yummy Bunny Emoji-56 (Nomnomnom) [V3]  

♡ - are you more of a "LET'S SNUGGLE" or "please don't touch me" sorta person? cx
I do like huggles and all but only when i feel like it XDD so a bit of both i guess? 

♡ - you a pervy little devil or an innocent lil angel? <3
BOTH Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5] 

♡ - sweet or salty food?

♡ -  favorite type of food by culture? ( chinese food, american food, indian food, etc)
Japanese because i loveee sushi <33 tho idk is it really Japanese? o,O

♡ - if we met, what would be the first thing you'd do? e7e

♡ - did question 3 make you uncomfortable? if it didn't, what's your favorite color? 

Nope not at all tbh xDD I don't really have a fav but i'd say light/baby pink, the green colors i used for my character Greenii XD and brown to fit those greens cx oh and like a really dark purple ish nice too x33

i dun tag anyoneee  xp 

bye byeee  Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] 
I Hope you liked wasting your time with this xD

luv luvies
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Cars passing by
  • Watching: The emoticons from DA that are still opened up XD

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shall we get married, move to another island with no shitty stuff from this world and just be happy? owo
What about we move over to the moon and live there together with the rabbits? 
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