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About Digital Art / Hobbyist LunaFemale/Netherlands Group :iconjin-x-amanda: Jin-X-Amanda
don't throw people in cakes! <3
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Hey there! Welcome to this crazy place called: my profile! 8D
I'm a weird bunny loving artist from the Netherlands who draws in Sonic/Mobian style for over 3 years now. I'm also a cosplayer and anime fan ;) You can always talk to me as i think its fun to meet new people! ^w^

if you got an Instagram Account you can also keep track of art there. Some art shall never be posted hereeeee~ *wink wonk*

My sonic art account

More art accounts 8D

I also have a youtube channel with some speedpaints and random nightcores
You're always welcome to take a look at them! :heart:

Don't be scared to click that follow or subscribe button they won't hurt you! <3
i'd love to see you there as well

Tag 8 people you want to know better

for iBenchu



Name - Pascalle, but online i'd just like to be called Luna, Pas only by my dear friends uvu ( Distressed-Spirit & iBenchu and friends of mine in RL xD)


Star Sign - Pisces )(


Average hours of sleep -with alarm clock,  6-8

Lucky number:  4 <3


Last thing I Googled:  uhmmmm..well idk haven't been on google today and idek what i did yesterday- xD so guess just this Deviantart page xP


Favorite fictional characters - my babies ofc, YOGI from Karneval <33, spidey bab, tony stark, captain america and Jin from Aquarion Evol hnn they're all too preciousss


What are you wearing now? uhm black leggins, dark blue-black-ish skirt, grey shirt from pull and bear with funny aliens and spaceships on it x3, a vest thats grey ish with black sleeves. Wow so much grey n black xD


When did you make this account? Uhmm made it i think february 2012 huhuh was a month too young xD


Watchers:  202 lovely moon children ♥

Favorite song(s)?



Electric- maniac drive

the girl and the dreamcatcher- glow in the dark

Halsey-Castle & color

Major to Minor Animal by Chase Holfelder

Lose it by oh wonder (and more of their songss)

are my favs atm i think


Favorite TV show?  i don't really watch tv but i've been watching unforgettable a police series thing on the tv and gravity falls online cuz yeah like insaid i barely watch tv so i'd miss all the episodes XD


Favorite quote?  "No matter what you're going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you'll find the positive side of things. " -Demi Lovato



What do I post? STUFF I DRAW 8D;;

Do I run anymore blogs? nup no blogs but lots of IG accountssss <D woops


Character facts

Got tagged by sofia-i to do 8 facts about Kazzie-boo

And tagged by iBenchu to do 8 facts about Felixu


1.) post these rules

2.) post 8 facts about your character

3.) tag 3 other characters

4.) post their names along with their creator's icon


 Felix facts by LunaTheBunnie



   He's afraid to be left alone

   Even though he is a dummy sometimes his acrobatic skills are 9/10

⭐  He lovesss stuffed animals, they keep him company in his tent

Cute messy hair cuz why bother styling it?

Colorful n cute clothes are his luv

⭐   He mostly wears his grey outfit at the circus cuz of practicing for shows (boring clothes may get dirty or ripped the others not xD )

⭐   Scaredy cat when it comes to haunted houses, ghost (stories) anything dark and creepy

His fav animals are goats cuz he used to feed and play with them at the Murdock Mansion.


Kazzie facts by LunaTheBunnie



    ·      He is a puppeteer and performs little stories in a park for children and others

    ·      He is cursed

    ·      His puppet Kishmish is Always with him

    ·      Enjoys the nature a lot

    ·      His hidden eye looks like that of a crocodile

    ·      Always talks with kishmish about stuff but strangers don't understand to who he's talking and think he is cuckoo/mad cuz of that xD

    ·      Sometimes gets mistaken for a girl x,DD

    ·      He really likes spring time because all the flowers start blooming again.


i'm not tagging anyoneeeh just do it if u want to XD


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